Spring Spa Tip – When Spring Allergies Attack

May 16, 2016

There’s nothing pretty about allergy season.  For allergy sufferers, Spring brings just as much of a headache as it does happiness. Here are a few tips to look and feel your best.  Just because you feel miserable, doesn’t mean you have to look it too.

Spring Flowers - Auberge du Soleil


1.) Sleep-in, or at least stay indoors in the morning.
Pollen is a major trigger for allergies in spring, so Singh suggests staying indoors in the morning, when pollen is everywhere: “Pollen counts are the highest early in the morning, between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., so if you participate in outdoor activities like jogging, it’s better to jog in the evening or after 10 a.m.” So yes, now you have permission to feel less guilty about hitting snooze tomorrow morning.

2.) Reduce redness.
Too much tissue use can result in a dry, red nose. By applying a calming moisturizer, like an argan balm, we can soothe and hydrate skin before applying a green-colored primer to cancel out redness.

3.) Throw On Some Shades
With pollen swirling from all directions, ducking it entirely is out of the question. However, donning a pair of sunglasses will do wonders for your allergies. By shielding your eyes from the pollen, your glasses will cut down on allergic reactions. And they do double duty: If you don’t get your shades on in time and you do suffer a watery, red eye situation, your glasses will cover up the problem area and keep you looking totally chic.

4.) Just Add Water
Showering at night will rinse off the day’s troubles and the pollen you’ve picked up along the way. Make it extra steamy to help clear up any congestion that’s followed you home. And if that’s not enough, try a saline spray, which will ease the stress on your mucus membranes. Finally, apply a cold compress on your eyes when you lie down for bed. It will eliminate swelling and give the irritated skin around your eyes some welcome relief.

5.) Turn on the air conditioning.
If you want to avoid outdoor allergens getting inside, it’s a smart idea to simply keep your windows closed. Consider flicking on the recirculate button on your air conditioner to keep outside air out, and remember to change or clean the filter regularly in both your home and car.

6.) Avoid grass.
Sorry allergy sufferers, but a picnic in the sunshine is just about your worst enemy right now. If you live in a suburban area, keep your grass short and have someone else mow it.

7.) Embrace bare beauty.
If you want to give your eyes a break from makeup, just using waterproof mascara allows you to “wake up” your face without having to wear any additional eye makeup.