The Auberge Spa is a natural extension of Napa Valley’s most luxurious country inn, Auberge du Soleil.
Designed to instill a sense of refuge and sanctuary, the best spa in Napa Valley embraces a nurturing philosophy that is incorporated throughout its unique menu of body and skin care treatments. Learn more about our spas in Napa below.



The Auberge Spas are distinguished by a sense of belonging to the surrounding land and culture,
a strong connection with nature and a firmly held belief in the healing power of pleasure.
The Anthology collection embodies these principles in three treatments designed to deliver powerful results.

Auberge Attunement

90 min | $325

Harmonize and revitalize the body with this invigorating yet restorative blend of massage therapies. Warm herbal compresses infused with muscle-soothing essential oils are applied to key pressure points to help relieve pain and inflammation common in today’s active lifestyle. Once the body is warmed, a series of assisted stretches, deep tissue massage techniques and warm and cool stones work synergistically to ease tight muscles and improve flexibility.

Best of Auberge Facial

90 min | $325


The signature Best of Auberge Facial at the Auberge du Soleil Spa generates advanced age-defying results using exceptional, innovative skin care lines. Skillful application of collagen serums and hydrating masks plump and firm the skin, while illuminating botanical enzymes promote cellular regeneration. The Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum serves as the cornerstone ingredient for the treatment, adding powerful antioxidants to restore skin balance to achieve a beautiful healthy radiance.

Auberge Head to Toe

90 min | $325 / 120 min | $425

The components of this popular treatment flow gently in and out of our “firm and nurturing” signature style of massage. A stimulating scalp massage and a nourishing hair mask deliver beautiful results while lulling you deeper into relaxation. Steamed towel compresses prepare your feet for an exfoliating scrub followed by a reflexology massage.


A variety of restorative and healing modalities performed by a team of highly skilled massage therapists.

Auberge Massage

60 min | $200 / 90 min | $300
120 min | $400

Our signature nurturing Napa Valley Massage from Auberge, uses a variety of classic techniques tailored to your individual needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min | $220 / 90 min | $325
120 min | $430

A deeper, focused massage that targets specific areas of muscle tightness to ease chronic and acute tension.

Energy Balancing

60 min | $200 / 90 min | $300

A combination of gentle techniques including Polarity, Cranial Sacral and Reiki that are seamlessly blended to enhance your overall well-being.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

90 min | $300

Warm and cool hand-carved Himalayan salt stones blend together with nourishing oils to generate balance and relieve stress in this full body massage.

Reflexology Treatment

60 min | $200

Promote synergy and harmony from the inside out with deep pressure applied to points focused on your hands and feet.

Prenatal Massage

60 min | $200 / 90 min | $300

Receive help for your pregnancy aches and pains with this gentle and nurturing massage. Your trained therapist will tailor the session to your individual needs.


Rhythmic Water Session

60 min | $200

Experience ultimate relaxation while your trained Aquatic Therapist glides you in our healing mineral pool with gentle movement, rocking and stretching. Pure bliss. Bathing suit required.

Thai Massage

120 min | $450

Yoga stretches, trigger-point work and deep-pressure massage stimulate circulation and restore a sense of enlivened self. Performed on a traditional Thai mat.


Hair and Scalp Add-On

30 min | $100

Release tension, soften hair, and nourish your scalp with this luxurious head massage, utilizing mineral rich clays to soothe and revitalize.

Energy Work


Clear your mind and balance your body with the addition of gentle energy techniques. Add-in to any treatment.

Warm Stones


Melt tight muscles with the use of luxurious warmth from basalt river stones. Add-in to any treatment.


Detoxifying scrubs, wraps and exfoliations inspired by a rich bounty of therapeutic ingredients
found in the vineyards, groves and gardens that surround us.

Fleurs of Earth & Vine

90 min | $300

Cocoon in a warm cabernet mud body masque to draw out impurities and infuse the body with nutrients. An application of nourishing oil follows to replenish the skin resulting in a radiant healthy glow.

Auberge Purifier

120 min | $400

Begin with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by a Calistoga mud masque to relax your muscles, detoxify your body and rehydrate your skin. Soak in an aromatic detoxifying bath and finish with a healing massage and balancing energy work.

Vineyard Deja Vu

90 min | $320 / 120 min | $420

Warm crushed Napa Valley grape seeds combined with local red wine is used to gently buff and rejuvenate the skin. After rinsing in a private outdoor garden shower, enjoy a fragrant scalp treatment with towels steeped in jasmine rose grape seed tea. Finish with a hydrating full body massage and a luscious glass of local Napa Valley wine.

Aromatic Garden Journey

120 min | $400

Your journey into tranquility begins with a luxurious sea salt body exfoliation using aromatic oils. A deep, rhythmic full-body massage with warm herbal compresses soothes tired muscles and promotes stress relief. Finish with a nourishing hair and scalp treatment leaving your body refreshed and your mind at ease.

Valley of the Sun

90 min | $300 / 120 min | $400

A natural exfoliant for the body containing ground grape seeds will be used to buff away dry areas, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Then an Auberge Massage with hand and foot reflexology will melt tension away and instantly renew your body and mind.


The Auberge Spa features results-focused skin care with carefully selected cutting edge ingredients.

Best of Auberge Facial

90 min | $325

The signature Best of Auberge Facial at the Auberge du Soleil Spa generates advanced age-defying results using exceptional, innovative skin care lines. Skillful application of collagen serums and hydrating masks plump and firm the skin, while illuminating botanical enzymes promote cellular regeneration. The Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum serves as the cornerstone ingredient for the treatment, adding powerful antioxidants to restore skin balance to achieve a beautiful healthy radiance.

Refresher Facial

60 min | $200

Our refresher facial is a perfect boost suited for all skin types. Includes a cleansing exfoliation and customized mask to replenish and revive your skin.

Custom Facial

75 min | $250 / 90 min | $300

This results-oriented facial is tailored to your needs. After a thorough skin analysis and sensory testing, a sonic cleanse and exfoliation prepares your skin while enhancing cellular regeneration. Next, a firm massage improves skin tonicity and relaxes the facial features . Innovative skincare products including an intensive booster serum are selected to suit your individual needs and achieve optimal results.

Anti-Aging Facial

60 min | $200 / 90 min | $300

Sea-based ingredients from the Pacific Rim and Pacific Ocean are used to target the causes of aging from the inside out. Throughout the treatment your skin is infused with intensive marine antioxidants, peptides and essential fatty acids that help your skin regain a balanced, youthful glow.


Add any of these age-defying enhancements to your facial for brilliant results.

Microcurrent Lift

30 min | $100

Instant gratification delivered with sculpted cheekbones, refined jawline, accentuated brows and an overall boost of gravity.

Diamond Radiance Eye Mask

Add-on to any facial | $25

Diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles to reveal a radiant glow

Diamond Radiance Face & Neck Mask

15 min | $75

This collagen formulation will brighten skin tone, increase hydration and rejuvenate the skin for a beautiful youthful appearance.


Our customized men’s treatments are a perfect respite for deep therapy and total relaxation.

Arnica Sports Therapy

60 min | $220 / 90 min | $325
120 min | $430

This interactive and vigorous therapeutic massage for athletes is ideal for pre or post events. Stretching, breathing and deep tissue techniques are blended to release tension and help you to perform at an optimum level.

Gentlemen's Facial

60 min | $200 / 90 min | $300

Tailored for a man’s skin, this ESPA age-defying treatment delivers hydrating results, reducing fine lines and inflammation while brightening the eye area. Gentle extractions are offered as needed. A soothing scalp treatment and a cooling firming peel-off mask is offered in the 90-minute facial.

Steamed Towel Massage

60 min | $215 / 90 min | $320

Steamed towels steeped in our housemade stress relief aromatherapy blend are combined with deep tissue massage techniques for full body restoration and complete relaxation. *Yoga Balm spot work and some gentle assisted stretching are incorporated in the 90 min option.

Reflexology Treatment

60 min | $200

Reflexology combines the use of deep pressure, stretching and movement to the feet and hands effectively promoting synergy and harmony from the inside out.


The Auberge Spa offers three luxurious couples suites that promote a sense of closeness and harmony while enjoying your spa experiences in tandem.


120 min | $425 per person

Our most requested couples treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using crushed grape seeds, followed by a delightfully fragrant bath for two in a private garden. Enjoy fresh fruit and a wine pairing as you soak your cares away. Afterward relax side-by-side for scalp and foot treatments, followed by full body massage.


90 min | $325 / 120 min | $425
per person

Rekindle the playful side of your relationship as you paint one another with a collection of therapeutic muds in the privacy of our couples suite. Cocoon side-by-side in warm blanket wraps, allowing the mud to extract toxins, while simultaneously enjoying a blissful scalp or foot massage. After a warm outdoor shower, a full body massage will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Très Romantique

3 hours | $2,500 per couple

Take pleasure in the ultimate romantic experience from 8:00 to 11:00 pm while enjoying exclusive use of the Auberge Spa. Sip sparkling wine and savor house-made delectable treats in your own private garden while soaking by candlelight in a chamomile-infused bath with floating rose petals. Sink deep into relaxation side-by-side with a 90-minute aromatic couples massage. Step out into the starlight and enjoy the privacy of our three temperate pools and Turkish Hamman steam rooms. As a memento, each of you will receive a signature Auberge Spa robe as a gift to take home.

Joie d'Amour

3 hours | $2,000 per couple

A truly special, all-inclusive couples spa experience begins with our two hour signature Auberge Head to Toe massage in the private Melisse Suite. After the treatment, sip sparkling wine by the fire, soak in the private hot pool, and enjoy the panoramic view of the Napa Valley while enjoying our chef’s choice of culinary dessert treats during an extra hour of alone-time. As a memento of your experience, each of you will receive a signature Auberge Spa robe as a gift to take home.

Entre Nous

3 hours | $1,250 per couple

Sharing a personalized morning yoga class is the perfect start to your day of renewal. After your practice, enjoy side-by-side aromatic massages in your private spa suite. Then take in the panoramic views of the Napa Valley while soaking in our warm pool and sipping a selection of fresh, cold-pressed juices.


Blissful outdoor private baths for total restoration and renewal.

30 min | $100 PER PERSON

Discover the healing benefits as you sink into a luxurious bath in your own private garden. Choice of Fango Mud, Jasmine Rose or Himalayan Salt. May be added to any treatment.